Apr 5, 2007

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is 'So Not' Pregnant

Jennifer Love Hewitt was at "The Tonight Show with Leno" last night to talk about her 'big' rumour. Jennifer has been rumoured to be expecting a baby from her boyfriend Ross McCall for four months since a paparazzi caught her in a dress which made her look bigger.

Jennifer Love Smile denied being pregnant saying she just probably ate too much that day:

I'm so not pregnant. I apparently had too much to eat that day when they took my photo. It does look a little pregnant. I probably just had a hot dog or two."

Well, they say, if a woman is constantly touching her hair she might be lying. I noticed Jen fondle with hair several times, so I will hope, she is still expecting a baby. I am so eager to see the photos of a cute SMILING kid of hers soon!

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Anonymous said...

I love her smile!!