Apr 6, 2007

Gisele Bundchen Needs To Do Something With Her Hair

Gisele Bundchen looked like a hippie arriving at her hotel in the UK on April, 5 2007. She definitely needs to visit a hair stylist.


Anonymous said...

I think its amazing that without all her makeup people, special lighting and hair stylists, she looks like a normal person. It just goes to show that almost anyone can look hot when you have the right people doing everything for you. These models set such an unnatural standard with their photoshoots. The have tons of people doing their hair and makeup. But what is really sad is that even the models can't hold to that standard without all of their people. No wonder they are all screwed up.

Anonymous said...

"she looks like a normal person" She looks awful!

Anonymous said...

All the photos I have seen of her without makeup, she looks way older than 26 years and no striking features whatsoever.

Her photoshoots always show her completely different!

Then again, she maybe jet-lagged and tired from her flight! She has puffy eyes!

Anonymous said...

I don't know many normal girls that are 5"11 with that great a body.
Awful? Give me a break. She just got off a long flight and personally, I think she looks good.