Apr 27, 2007

Sarah Michelle Gellar Rocks Chanel Dinner

Sarah Michelle Gellar looked great at the Chanel dinner held on 4/26 during the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival at the Bowery Hotel, NYC. Sarah Michelle Gellar is reportedly making her last public appearances as she and Freddie Prinze have seriously made up their minds to start a real family with Freddie earning for bread and SMG being a housewife. Well, let's hope, Sarah Michelle Gellar will still be seen some time at least as often as a happy mom and housewife Liv Tyler.

Gellar's new movie Suburban Girl will be premiered at 2007 Tribeca Film Festival on Friday. The indie features 4 overlapping stories: businessman (Forest Whitaker) betting his life on a horse race; a pop star (Sarah Michelle Gellar) falling prey to a crime boss (Andy Garcia); a gangster (Brendan Fraser) seeing the future and doctor (Kevin Bacon) saving the love of his life.

In the pics: Sarah Michelle Gellar with Anna Paquin, Sarah Michelle Gellar with Freddy Rodriguez and Sarah Michelle Gellar with Kerry Washington.

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Anonymous said...

Please say it isn't so, we need Sarah on the big screen 10 more years at least. What about the Buffy movie?