Apr 12, 2007

Mom Marcia Cross Does People

Now it seems like it was all meant to be...

ABC's Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross promises to be an ideal mom to her cute newborn twins. According to the actress who gave an interview to People magazine published in its April 23 issue, she is glad she has children now that she is 45 as now she can be a great mom:

Even before I was 30 I started thinking about motherhood. The years started going by and I was anxious about the clock ticking. Now it seems like it was all meant to be."

Marcia Cross has already joined the Mom Club.

The story starts in 2004 when the actress met her future stockbroker hubby, Tom Mahoney, at a flower store in LA. Last April followed a romantic wedding and in February 2007 he was holding Marcia Cross's hand while she was giving birth to twin daughters Eden and Savannah.

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