May 27, 2011

P. Diddy is Now Known as Swag

P. Diddy is Now Known as Swag

He is a rapper, singer, record producer, entrepreneur, actor and men's clothing designer and now he has a new name. Sean Combs, once known as Puff Daddy then P. Diddy and Diddy Combs, has changed his name once again to “Swag.”

Combs is only changing his name for a week to promote what he calls his comeback to the music industry. According to the Urban Dictionary “Swag” is short for swagger which refers to the way a man with sophistication might walk to attract the ladies, so it seems the perfect match for a man known for his charm and elegance.

Combs was born in 1969 and has a record of success as long as his arm. He has won three Grammy Awards and two MTV Video Music Awards. He is known for producing records which are not only considered some of the best and most cutting edge hip-hop stylings, but also quickly shoot up the charts to become number one hits. A record produced by Diddy is almost guaranteed to become a hit. His very name attached to a record gives it a level of cache no one else has ever known. By working with some of the finest musicians in the music industry Combs knows how to align himself with the very best talent in order to produce the very best records. He has a reputation for being hard working and earnest, and knows when a recording artists has found the perfect sound and when they still have a way to go.

Combs comes by his street credibility legitimately. He was born in Harlem but grew up in Mount Vernon, New York. He is unashamed of the fact he dropped out of Howard University without finishing his degree. The lack of a college education hardly stopped him, however. He quickly went on to found Bad Boy Records in 1993. He further legitimized his claim to the throne as the King of Entertainment with the founding of Bad Boy Entertainment Worldwide. His film production company gave him a backdoor into film making, acting in film and on television. He has since worked as actor, producer, and writer.

He was the producer of Making the Band for MTV which was one of its highest rated shows. A reality television program, contestants competed for a spot in Comb's record production company where they hoped they would garner some time in the studio under his careful tutelage. The MTV program earned him even further distinction as a record producer and also a reputation as an exacting task master who expects perfection from those he works with, which is no less than he expects from himself.

Combs has also made a name for himself as a clothing designer. His fashion sense has earned him a Council of Fashion Designers of America award. It also boosted his personal network to record levels. Forbes has recently estimated his worth at nearly a half a billion dollars making him among the wealthiest people in the hip hop industry, though that is hardly all that he does.

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