May 11, 2011

Why Celebs Need VIP Protection

Celebs VIP Protection

Here are just a couple of reasons why having a chauffeur drive and bodyguards surrounding you are vital.

Have you always wondered why celebrities are constantly surrounded by VIP protection of the highest standard? You may not see it constantly, but there are actually a herd of loonies in this world and they are just waiting for a young, fresh celebrity to ditch the large, black SUV's and half a dozen men in suits. The celebrity may think that they are proving their down to earth nature to their fans, but they aren't - they're showing that they're stupid. Here are just a couple of reasons why having a chauffeur drive and bodyguards surrounding you are vital.


"They just have a crush", I hear you saying. Wrong! They want to drink your blood, wear your skin and do strange tree dancing around a fire. Look into the cases of Rebecca Schaeffer or John Lennon. A stalker is insanely obsessed and will stop at nothing to be with you, and if you don't give love back, they'll get ya...


Once you become a celebrity, your body becomes valuable. Nobody kidnaps a bum at the local supermarket, unless they are a stalker in training, but a celebrity with a fat bank account is an excellent target. Not only can you fork over wads of cash, but the people you know are also rolling in money. With no bodyguards, a professional team of criminals will have you in the back of their van in no time at all.


Don't underestimate this group. Crazed fans would probably consume you whole as they work up into a frenzy. They love your look, they love your scent and all they want is to lay their hands on any part of your body. Bodyguards will spend more time protecting you from fans than actual criminals. While you're putting your signature on a poster, the bodyguards behind you form a human shield and physically fight off delusional teenagers who will tear off bits of clothes and flesh just to remember the occasion.

Slimy agents:

They are lurking in every dark corner, waiting to get a piece of your pie. They'll butter you up, show you a neat 12 page contract with text too small to see with the naked eye. Once you sign, their appearance mystically changes and you immediately see the horns clearly. This wouldn’t have happened if you had just been prepared though. With VIP protection, he'll simply run into a brick wall that says: "Appointment only fool!"

Jason Acar is a Professional freelance SEO Copywriter and writes on various topics. Opting to find a service that provides a chauffeur drive while on your vacation is not only more efficient but it is also the safer way to go as every country has a different level of danger. Not only presidents and celebrities use vip protection, so if you want to secure your peace of mind this option should also be considered.

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