May 13, 2011

Titanium Rings for William and Kate

Titanium Rings for William and Kate

The public obsession with William and Kate’s engagement focuses in large part on the sapphire engagement ring with its poignant history.

Some have suggested that the sapphire ring is too steeped in tragedy. Others laud William for bringing the story full circle. Public opinion has historically factored into the romantic choices of England’s rulers.

The Engagement Ring with the Highest Personal Cost

King Edward VIII gave Wallis Simpson, the love of his life, an emerald engagement ring. At almost 20 carats, the ring surely had a high price tag. However, this engagement ring also cost Edward his kingdom. Nationalist sentiment and strict mid-twentieth century mores prohibited the King of England from marrying a divorced American woman. He abdicated to marry the woman that he loved.

The Most Controversial Royal Engagement Ring

Like Edward, Prince Charles loved a woman that the public would not have accepted as his queen. Unlike Edward, he was not willing to give up his shot at the crown. Instead, he proposed to Diana Spencer and sparked a royal-wedding obsession. Of course, history revealed that their “fairytale wedding” was a short-lived fantasy, and Charles’s love for Camilla Bowles resurfaced with some decidedly unsavory publicity. Following divorces, Diana’s death and decades of shifting attitudes, Charles presented Camilla with an emerald cut diamond engagement ring with a platinum band.

The Engagement Ring that Closed the Circle

Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire engagement ring represents to the world a sentimental link to the romantic and tragic story of William’s mother, Diana. However, the ring also represents a paradigm shift in royal romance. Like Wallis and Camilla, Kate was originally seen as an unsuitable match for the future King of England. Although their relationship went through some travails, in the end, William and Kate’s love prevailed. Nobody abdicated; nobody hid in the shadows. Their engagement ring closes the circle with the true romance of love winning out over palace politics.

Some have suggested that the best representation of the way William and Kate have transcended the restrictions of royal weddings would be with titanium tension set rings, with their stones seeming to float unbound at the center of the setting. While the nature of the sapphire engagement ring most likely precludes a titanium wedding band, such a band would in fact be an apt representation of their story. Titanium is strong, yet flexible. It is non-corrosive. Titanium inlay rings would allow them to design bands that reflected their unique personalities.

In the end, however, no matter what jewelry this royal couple wears, they have changed the history of royal love. They have brought the world to a place where the opinions and controversies have little impact on their choices of jewelry or partner.

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