May 18, 2011

The Best Way to Get Celebrities to Endorse Your Product

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Flipping through the pages of a supermarket glamour magazine you will find smeared across countless high-gloss pages the universally recognizable faces of stars like Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt. These celebrities endorse numerous products, and studies show that the millions of dollars paid to these stars annually to sell new and established products return an enormous profit.

So how does a small business with a great portfolio of products and services land top celebrities as sponsors while also accumulating the sales revenue to afford such representation and reap the rewards of increased sales?

Getting Inside the Consumer Brain

On the mind of the consumer, which the business community should always be focused on, Peter Drucker famously observed, “Customers pay only for what is of use to them and gives them value.” His years of study and analysis have exposed the flaws and dependencies of business systems.

In order to deliver a product, the essential process components must be well understood and measured in order to supply exactly what the customer wants. To maintain sustainable growth and come to solid agreements with business partners, contracts are required. A contract or agreement represents the sources and constraints that link all the components of a business process into a high-functioning system.

Contract Software to Help Smooth the Process

A best practice that is followed by premier companies and those with celebrity sponsorship is the effective use of contract management software to create, manage, store, retrieve, report and execute contracts.

Contract software benefits are not about an application manufacturer, but more about what the business is willing to achieve for the investment it is about to make. A business with a strong product or service offering will require a product that will reduce errors in contract execution, approvals and litigation to near zero occurrences. The absence of these occurrences as measured in the system will proportionately reduce overhead costs.

Profiling the business and the sources of input, the contract software will measure the value of contracts from inception to completion so that potential profits and liabilities are clearly understood. Under this management model, a clearer picture related to business performance can be articulated and corrections made in order to achieve business goals.

Contract software systems supply a more a solid structure around agreement language to reduce risk. Rather than maverick language created on the fly between the business and suppliers or other parties, language in the contract application is reviewed by a legal team. As each new agreement is executed, the audited and approved paragraphs and content are reused in each new segment and with this approach a reliable mitigation strategy is executed.

Celebrities sell products, and products are built by processes and contracts managed by software that produces the right results.

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