Jan 19, 2007

Celebrities Drinking Vodka

Celebrities sparkle at Trump Vodka launch party at Le Deux. Most recognizable among them are Kelly Hu, Haylie Duff and sisters Jessica Simpson & Ashlee Simpson. Interesting that the young generation of Hollywood seem to be interested in vodka. Haylie Duff appeared on the red carpet without her sister Hilary (BTW, they are turning into twins, as far as I can see). Jessica Simpson looked as if she had drunk a bit before going to the party...

Facts about Trump vodka:

* Vodka costs 36 bucks;
* Donald Trump does not drink alcohol at all though selling it;
* Vodka is distibuted by Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd., who are already doing millions on it;
* Vodka is distilled from wheat.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haha... Haylie Is Older then hilary!!!! not the other way round haha