Jan 29, 2007

Eva Mendes: "Ghost Rider" Secrets

Eva Mendes is promoting her new movie "Ghost Rider" in Madrid today. The film seems to be worth seeing as Eva has revealed she had worked to increase her breast size for the movie:

I wanted to make comic book fans happy. The original Roxanne was blonde and blue-eyed, but she also had huge bajoongas. If I gain weight it goes to my boobs and my butt. So the bajoongas got big. They were out of control”, she said in an interview with Maxim.

Eva Mendes also eagerly speaks about working with Nicolas Cage:

He would have the script, and he would come to the set and do the opposite of what was on the page... He just kind of flips it. Then he can make the most mundane sentences sound really heavy. I think he's so into what he's doing. He's such a professional.” (Well, not very professional as it sounds)

"Ghost Rider" tells the story of young cyclist Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) who sells his soul to Mephistopheles and afterwards parts from his beloved woman Roxanne Simpson (Eva Mendes). Years later, Johnny meets Roxanne and Mephistopheles again, and the latter offers to release Johnny's soul if he becomes the fabled, fiery Ghost Rider, a supernatural agent of vengeance and justice. The Ghost Rider has the power of forcing a human being to re-live all the sins he have perpetuated in the life...

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motorcyclefan12 said...

I want to see Ghost Rider so bad!! Eva Mendes and Nicholas Cage are going to be so good in it!!! I loved the comic books so the movie should be awesome...plus I love motorcycles!!!