Jan 30, 2007

Sheryl Crow Speaking Up for Revlon and Global Warming

A rock singer Sheryl Crow has become Revlon Spokesmodel. She has attended the new Revlon Colorist hair product launch at NY restaurant.

Sheryl Crow coomented on the new product as follows:

When you're out on the road, it's just impossible (to look good), so it's great for me because it has this colour-glaze conditioner... It doesn't look like your hair has faded."

is rumoured to have gotten cozy with Revlon Chairman Ron Perlman (I wonder, was it he who helped the beauty get the job). They were seen arriving together at a downtown restaurant where the Revlon launch took place. BTW, Ron recently split from blonde beauty Ellen Barkin. Ron Perlman evidently falls for blondes (but we all know that Crow is fake blonde). Ron is rumored to have some tender feelings to Sheryl now.

Revlon is not the only activity Sheryl Crow has been involved into. Crow and movie producer Laurie David are teaming up for a two-week bus tour across North Texas and the Gulf states. The tour is designed to fight global warming and save the environment.

According to Laurie David

She's [Crow] going to play some songs and I'm going to talk about global warming and we're really going to try to kick up some dust on this issue on our college campuses."


Fan908 said...

The two do not look good together...

Anonymous said...

She's already got herself a new guy, and she's soooooooo not into baldy.

Katie Blanchard-Reid said...

Hey, it's great that Sheryl's speaking up for the environment, but does she know that REVLON purchases its paper packaging from International Paper, which harvests unsustainably from endangered southern forests? That doesn't sound very environmentally friendly to me. At Dogwood Alliance, we're working to change harmful packaging practices in the beauty sector, with the following goals:

• Increase in the number of companies that agree to reduce packaging overall and innovate more efficient packaging techniques.
• Increase in post-consumer recycled in the packaging sector (using the Pulp and Paper Fact Book as the measuring tool).
• Increase in the number of companies taking action to eliminate fiber from endangered forests and advocating for permanent protection.
• Increase in the number of companies utilizing products created with fiber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
• Increased in the public dialogue, such as mentions in newspaper articles and discussion on blogs or other high-traffic discussion areas on the web (measured through anecdotal evidence).
• Increase discussion with paper suppliers.

Perhaps Sheryl could tell Ron Perlmon to get Revlon on board with environmentally friendly, post-consumer recycled paperboard packaging as part of your fight to "save the environment."

Interested in helping Dogwood Alliance's campaign? Sign our packaging pledge by visiting this site!