Jan 7, 2007

Courteney Cox: "not one person could imagine masturbating over me?

Courteney Cox was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live". Courteney was talking about her recent movie "Dirt" reviews. There were good ones but the majority were not very favourable. One of the most brutal review was Tim Goodman's who wrote that Courteney Cox was not sexy: "...no offense intended to Cox, but she's not the type of woman that men tend to imagine in the masturbation arena (their own or hers -- Jennifer Aniston perhaps, but not Cox, who seems more like your giggly and sweet best female friend)..."
Courteney Cox got really angry, which woman would like that when men say she is not sexy! Courteney: "You're not sexy. How brutal is that? I mean not one person in the whole world could imagine masturbating over me? I mean, not one?"
The next day the evel critic publicly apologized for his words. Tim insisted she did not mean what he sounded: "I was wrong, Courteney. And I apologize. But in my defense I'd like to note that what I wrote was actually meant to be, um, kind of sweet about you." Well, Courteney Cox had all the rights to be hurt. You are sexy, Courteney, the whole world will support me.

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