Jan 15, 2007

New Lost Season: No Secrets Will Be Revealed

Lost producers will soon announce the end date of the the new season the purpose of which is not to reveal the secrets but to "cure viewers of the extreme anxiety from which they are suffering because none of the important questions ever get answered".

What will happen: more beach and sex scenes.

Sex scenes to come: The Jack-Juliet scenes and the Claire (Emilie de Ravin)-Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) relationship.
Secrets that will be revealed: Jack's tattoo and Locke's (Terry O Quinn) wheelchair.

That was announced at the "Lost" Session at ABC's 2007 Winter Press Tour at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena, California

The producers explaine why they plan to focus more on relationships than on mystics:
"When we work on stories, we work on how the characters interact. The larger audience is more interested in who will Kate choose than who Alvar Hanso is."

Looks like Lost will soon turn into the soap opera...

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