Jan 18, 2007

Sophia Bush Smile at Planet Hollywood

Sophia Bush gas been promoting her new movie "The Hitcher" at Planet Hollywood. Bush plays a woman terrorized by a killer (Sean Bean).

Sophia Bush enjoyed playing the "The Hitcher" lead :“It’s my dream to sit and get to blow up cars and shoot people and make an action movie. Being on set with helicopters and car chases and stunts every day is amazing. That’s the tomboy side of me, the action junkie, the adrenaline junkie that wants to do all of those things. It’s been great because our stunt team is so great, so amazing... they did allow me to be in the car when it was on fire and kick the doors off and flames were coming in. That’s a pretty big rush, and it’s a lot of license that you’re not normally given on a set. It’s been really great for me to get to do all those things. It’s what I like to do.”

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