Jan 25, 2007

What Scares Mandy Moore

On Letterman Show Mandy Moore said she was a very risky person. She once went skydiving and enjoyed that: "So thrilling! I'm addicted, I want to go again!" Moore added that she loved how serene and quiet it was the moment after her parachute opened.

However Mandy reveals: "I'm a big scaredy-cat. So as soon as I arrived in my part of the house I walked around to every room saying, 'I'm just here for a couple of months and I'm here to do something real and creative, so please don't scare me, please leave me alone!'"

One thing that scares Moore most is starring with her idol, Diane Keaton, in the upcoming film "Because I Said So" opening Feb. 2.

"Diane truly is on a pedestal to me. I love her," said Moore.

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